Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How would you like your coffee?

Sugar, black, cream, cream and sugar, decaf, instant? I enjoyed so much reading your comments on my last post. Would you mind telling me your coffee preferences? Or if you dislike coffee, what is your favorite drink and why. Please take a seat and let's talk about the world's most popular beverage! In order to get your favorite brewed coffee so many things have to take place. First, coffee berries need to be picked, then they are defruited, dried, sorted, and also aged. My father worked all his life with coffee and so did my grandfather. During harvesting, I remember he would take me to see the manual picking. I loved the way people would pull the berries out of the trees. I asked my father a few questions, grabbed the camera with my husband and went out to get the pictures. Sorry there were too many and I couldn't figure out which ones to post here.

A few facts:
- Coffee beans are actually the seeds, and each coffee berry has two beans.
- A coffee plant can start producing as early as 2 years old and some of them last over 50 years
- You can hardly leave a house in Brazil without having a small cup of coffee (cafezinho) accompanied by cake, cookies or both.
- Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer.
- US is the largest coffee drinker, we're second.
- Over 50 countries grow coffee, and most of them are situated below the Equator
- The coffee you drink (latte, expresso, cafe au lait, or plain cup of coffee) might come from South America.
- Café au lait (coffee and milk) is part of the traditional Brazilian breakfast that also includes: baguettes, brioches, butter, tropical fruits and juices.

- Picture 1: taken at my parents' house it shows mom's favorite cup.
- Picture 2: roasted coffee beans
- Picture 3: a two-year old coffee tree already producing
- Picture 4: a 10 feet coffee tree
- Picture 5: coffee plantation
- Picture 6: ripe berries


Susie said...

Hi Cris,
I drink half caff black!
(no cream no sugar)

Moi said...

I love this post of urs ....i love coffee.....am not addicted to caffeine but just love it so..:DDD
i love the aroma of it that wafts thro' my house when we brew coffee at home.....i like it in all forms except black....since its almost summer here now, i like it cold these days .....
and Cris i loved the way u have shown us how coffee comes to the form we actually see it, thro' ur pics....
Thanx for all the trivia too....just a li'l correction, India grows coffee too but it's not below the Equator...a significant amount of coffee is gown in India coz the Southern India swears by it .......
thanx for my morning cup of joe......:)

Anna said...

I drink Diet Coke....no coffee for me...BUT I love all these pictures and all the facts. :)

Sonia said...

Gostei muito deste post, Cris! Lindas as fotos e ótimas as informações! Eu acho que sou viciada em café com leite (muito quente e sem açúcar ou adoçante), tomo pela manhã e muitas vezes troco o jantar por uma xícara bem grande de café com leite! Beijos!

I like so much this post, Cris! Excellent photos and good information! I think I am addicted to coffee with milk (always very hot and without sugar or sweetener). I drink it every morning and many times I prefer to drink coffee with milk (cafe au lait) instead of supper. Kisses!

Connie Peterson said...

I love the SMELL of coffee but not the taste. Norm is addicted to it with cream, milk, artificial creamer, ice cream, whipped cream ... anything creamy or white .... and sugar, honey, brown sugar, natural sugar, maple syrup ... anything sweet.

I have to stop him drinking it at noon - he will have 3 or 4 cups in the morning .....

I like Coke or Dr. Pepper to get my cafine but keep it (usually) to one a day. I love tea, too, iced or hot.

Thank you for the comments on my blog. The fence is snow fence. What we use here in the NORTH to keep snow from drifting places ... I will take a close up for my next blog.

Blessings on this May Day.

kenju said...

I am completely addicted to black coffee, preferably decaf and never with sugar.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I prefere mine black.
Thanks for all the information you are sharing.

Andrea said...

It took many years for me to like coffee. I've always loved the aroma, but the stuff I tasted growing up was so bitter that I couldn't enjoy it. Then I moved to Colombia and got to taste some really delicious coffees. I have coffee as dessert--cream, sugar, etc. Love it!

Tammy said...

These are gorgeous pictures! I love the colors!
The first time I saw coffee beans growing this past fall when our family went to Maui.

Oh, and I take mine with cream and lots of sugar! :)

Geraldo said...

Great post!
My day always starts with a cup of coffee and milk, with just a little sugar. After I finish that I have another, half full, cup of black coffee, no sugar. Usually I drink several cafezinhos with no sugar during the day, specially when I'm working. And no decaf, please, that's not coffee for me...

(Should I tell the story of our coffee mischiefs in Raleigh? :-) )

Mike said...

Great post. I love the pictures and the story to go along with it. Nice to see how coffee is grown. I have to admit though, like Anna I am a Diet Coke person, actually unlike Anna my preference is Diet Pepsi.

Kerri said...

I was very interested in learning more about coffee, and your pictures are wonderful Cris!
The coffee berries are pretty and it looks like beautiful countryside.
I especially love my first cup of coffee in the morning! Not too strong, with a little bit of french vanilla creamer, or with milk and a little Splender (sweetener).
Your mom's cup is so pretty!
I'm glad the chocolate eclair cake is such a big hit! :) The strawberries would make it pretty.

guild_rez said...

Hi Cris, great pictures and very educational..
I love my coffee black and strong,
but mild, prefer Fair Trade coffee.
cheers Gisela

Luna said...

Great and interesting post, Cris !
I love coffee ! I would like to drink with cream but also I like Latte Macciato and espresso, you know, we always go to Italy for vaccation. And my favourite drink for the summer is "Eiskaffee" Vanilla-ice-cream with cold strong coffee and cream...mmmh.
I bought times a coffee plant but she was unfortunately wither, not for North-Germany climate ;-)

Ash said...

Very nice images! I am a tea lover though!

Deana said...

I love coffee! And I have just discovered the joy of an iced coffee, especially the latte with vanilla flavoring and low fat milk...ah delicious!
I have so enjoyed this journey and seeing the pictures of how it starts. I had no idea that was a coffee bean. Most of the coffee we drink comes from Brazil. Or Honduras...our little coffee shop in town serves Honduras coffee.

Ash said...

Interesting question Cris -- I was a person who took life very seriously! I guess Goa inspired me to become more laid-back and take things easier

shnaggy said...

hi cris, i came across u from the display of that vietnam rose(is it v.r.?). and i loved going thru your blog. had i visited early on, i could've answered COFFEE for sure. philippines grows a lot of coffee and we had one in our backyard as a kid. my dad always let us steer away from it cuz he said a small poisonous snake lives there.

come visit my blog and i'd love to serve u coffee there. http://kookieinmycoffeepug.blogspot.com/2007/01/coffee-break.html

Kelli said...

I would have never guessed coffee beans! I love coffee and have it several times a week for breakfast. I like it with lots of sugar and cream..Mmmm...
Thank you for the fun post!

Nazzareno said...

splendid coffee, also because to look at the story of the things is always intelligent

Anna said...

Answering your quesiton from my blog...yes, I think I used to drink as much if not more as a normal coffee drinker. But for the past few weeks I have stopped drinking Diet Coke and instead am drinking water. I may have one small glass a day and now it is caffeine free! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved learning about coffee and very much enjoyed your pictures...very nice!

I really have never liked coffee. I do however, love to walk into a specialty shop and smell the wonderful aromas.

Unfortunately, my favorite drink is Diet Pepsi...Wish it was water.

Take care,

diyadear said...

wow a coffee farm ;) cool. nice pics.. i like coffe at times. but i prefer tea better :)

Cláudia said...

Cris, how interesting! I should have answered last post! I know it´s coffee. My father in law loves take care of some coffee trees in his ranch and he also has the pleasure to do by himself all the work, step by step, to offer an "artesanal" coffee for us, like our anscestors. Do you believe that he has an antique coffee-roaster which we can see it at the Coffee Museum in Santos?

I just have loved your text and fhotos.Congratulations!

bjos =^.^=

Judith Polakoff said...

These are all very lovely photos, but I especially like the way you framed the closeup shots. And thanks for all the coffee info! :)