Friday, May 11, 2007

Pretty in pink

Special edition? Shockingly beautiful? This Beetle is currently on display at the mall. The pink theme is also inside with pink accents. I wanted to take a picture and I did not want to get anyone's attention with my camera, so I tried to be quick.

Blessings for you on this Mother's day!
Special thanks to my mom, for seeing the gifts God put in me!


Mike said...

Nice car. Great pictures. I wouldn't be caught dead driving it! Guess it is a guy thing.

Thanks for your visit today on my blog. I will try to keep everyone up to date on my life simplification attempt.

Take care Cris.

Judith Polakoff said...

Wow, I LOVE this car! I'd drive it in a minute. :) Nice shots!

Susie said...

Very pink car :) Love it!
Happy Mother's Day Cris!!

kenju said...

I'd like it if it were green, or blue, or buttercream or peach or lime or......but NOT pink!

Geraldo said...


Very cute, but would you drive it to the mall? :-D
(Well, better keep my mouth shut, Judith already said she would, and like Mike said, maybe it's a guy thing...)
This looks like a modern version of the Compact Pussycat, Penelope Pitstop's car in the Wacky Races(*). But I always liked the detail of the flower vase on the New Beetle's dashboard...

What I really want to say is:
I wish you a Wonderful Mother's Day in the company of your three angels!
And Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers that visit your blog!

(*) (In Portuguese, Penélope Charmosa da Corrida Maluca)

Britt-Arnhild said...

Have a pinky Mother's Day.
Here in Norway we celebrate Mother's Day in February :-)

guild_rez said...

Happy Mother's Day Cris..
...cute pink bug.. reminds me of my "käfer" back in Germany.
My first convertible car, I could afford and I painted Lady Bugs over the rusty areas, well it looked o.k.:-))
Wonderful to drive a car with the roof down but I have to watch my speed. It so easy to drive over the speed limit of 100km.
No problem for Philippe Massa, he has the pole position in Spain.
Let's see who is winning tomorrow.

Happy Mother's Day, Cris..

a-xpressions said...

I liked it...! Beetles are one my fvt. i just luv it..and its my dream to gift it one day to my betterhalf...!!

Moi said...

beetles and mini cooper's are the the interiors....

Paula said...

That would be a hoot to drive!!

Kelli said...'s pretty! Happy Mother's Day!

Sonia said...

Just pretty car, Cris!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!
(((Many hugs)))

Anna said...

Love the pics and that is a neat car....but I am with Mike...I dont think I would want to be driving it! ;)

Have a good Monday Cris!

Deana said...

I wouldn't want it now but at 19 and 20 I would have died for that car!

diyadear said...

cute car.. n wsh u a gr8 mothers day!!(im late as always:D)

Verena said...

Hi Cris,
I´ve never seen such a pink car, especially no Beetle :-)!
But in a way I think it is something special and I would know a friend of mine, who would love to have this pink car!
Nice greetings, Verena

Luna said...

Hi Cris,
a nice car, I think it is a real "girls" car, or not ?
I hope, you had a nice mother´s day !?!
Liebe Grüße aus Germany

Cris said...

I think it is a girl's car, and I would drive it! Well, if it were a gift, I wouldn't buy it though!

shnaggy said...

long live the beetle!!!
nice shot cris!

Kerri said...

I can just see you surrepticiously taking these photos :) I'm the same with my camera...but I want to take photos of everything!
I love this pretty pink car, especially the flowers on the dash :) And it makes such an appropriate Mother's Day post!
I hope you had a wonderfully happy Mother's Day with your hubby and sweet boys. xoxo