Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pink Violets and how I grow them

Many people like to have african violets sitting on their kitchen windowsill, maybe because of indirect sunrays and because they are easy to grow indoors. They can make any corner brighter, and I have my violets on a small table in my balcony. I have created many new pots over the years just by leaf cuttings and I have never propagated them by seed! Each leaf I cut and plant in damp soil grows into a new violet after a few weeks. My mom used to cut many leaves and later transplant them into new pots then she would give away the new plants. After they grow, they do not like to be over watered... so I water them only when they are really dry. Also, I keep water away from their feet and leaves. Last time I posted about African violets I received many comments and I promised to post more violets, and here they are!

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