Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Show me your glory

I find it hard to glorify nature without glorifying the Creator of all things... in the kingdom of nature there can only be a king... that shows us His glory and all things speak themselves to proclaim the works of God's hands...

Ecological Day is a monthly event started by Sonia, at Leaves of Grass, and the purpose is to write and post photos about anything related to Ecology. Let us reflect the love of the Creator for us by respecting and loving the planet.

This post was inspired on the song Show me your glory, by Third Day - Click the link to watch the video.


sonia a.m. said...

What a wonderful post! So beautiful your words full of beauty and lovely meaning. Love this beautiful flower with these drops of rain or dew on its petals! I thank you so much your gentleness on this Ecological Day!
Many hugs.

sonia a.m. said...

Cris, me again,
Sofia asks me to thank you so much your lovely compliments for her Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words, beautiful photo of the flower.

Happy Ecological Day!


Rachel said...

A wonderful post and picture for Ecology Day! I so agree with what you said!

Cláudia said...

Cris, I loved this flower with little drops of water upon it, and the words express exactly what I think!


Pietro said...

This flower speaks to us with its beauty. Lovely image!
Happy Ecological Day!

Ash said...

Wow, Cris - this one is a stunner. Gorgeous!

Adelino P. Silva said...

Cris, bonita participação. É difícil observar tantas coisas bonitas na Natureza, e ainda assim, admitir que tudo nasceu por mero acaso. Acho que não. ALGUÉM criou tudo isso, sem dúvida.
Um abraço.

Claudia das havaianas said...

a natureza é divina como o criador!

Tina said...

Hi there Cris!

Great blog & expousures. Congrats!

How can I mail / show you my Alcatraz shooter (glass). Could you send me you e-mail?

My e-mail is: saboresearomastina@gmail.com




Tammy said...

Beautiful post, dear Cris...you said it so very well!

Deana said...

All your photos are so very pretty! Sonia had told me about eco day and I hate so much I missed it.

shnaggy said...

oh hi cris, what a nice flower and it speaks that the person behind the lense is even nicer...because u could capture a simple beauty which is often taken for granted.
i looooove photography, too. i dream of owning a better cam. but i am thankful with my sony cyber shot t300.

also, i remember during my preteen, a friend of mine whose mum grow lots and lots of african violets, how i envied them and asked y can't my mum do the same???
ahhh...they are so lovely.