Monday, September 22, 2008

Moss rose or portulacas

Moss rose (portulaca grandiflora) a morning bloomer... the blooms will go away in the afternoon to show their beauty again the next day. This plant reminds me of my childhood, many houses had moss rose (11 horas in Portuguese) in the garden, they are easy to grow and there are many colors available.
This is my contribution to Today's Flowers hosted by Santilli.


Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Wonderful moss rose, flowers and colors!
Thanks for you contribution to TODAY'S FLOWERS!
Hope you come back every week!



Great shot. In Brazil it is named "Onze horas" ("11:00 am")because it uses to flourish all day eleven o´clock, when sunshine is up.

dot said...

Beautiful! I have one and the same color. I pick the dead blooms off every day and it does better.

Dulce said...

Nice flowers and fuhhy the portuguese name!

Denise said...

Oi, Cris
Eu as conheço como onze-horas, são pequenas e muito graciosas. Gostei muito também dos porrões de barro, um belo ornamento de jardim.
Bjs, Denise

Carletta said...

Lovely! I like those little pots and the angle they're sitting.
Pretty in Pink!

guild-rez said...

Hi Cris..
thank you for your visit and comment.
Very nice flower picture,
cheers Gisela

Connie said...

It looks so delicate and beautiful.

Tammy said...

Such vibrant color- beautiful!

Thank you, Cris, for stopping by to visit me again! :)


sonia a. mascaro said...

Querida Cris, obrigada por suas carinhosas palavras no meu post de aniversário. Me lembro bem como nos conhecemos e fico contente por ser sua amiga e também por ter a sua amizade!

Essas lindas flores refletem toda a sua generosidade.
Beijos, amiga!

Gill - That British Woman said...

they are grown as annuals here in Canada, great photo.

Gill in Canada

Pearl said...

I love that they bloom in the morning and close later in the afternoon. Some fresh beauty every day.
Hope you are doing well.


Robert said...

It seems you've been busy too. Not many posts from either of us lately. I hope life slows down a bit soon. Didn't want you to think I've forgotten about you. Hope you're well. :)

Luna said...

I was not here for longer.
Those are beautiful flowers. they grow here in Germany too. Now we have autumn and the leaves become colorful . Nice pictures from your home in the other posts before.
In my blog you can see my fall decoration and my craftings

Britt-Arnhild said...

Unknown to me, but oh so beautiful.

Connie Peterson said...

I love moss roses - those are beautiful! Thank you!

Moi said...

beautiful, Cris.....they remind me of my childhood too.....we had them growing on our terace in earthen pots too :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty pink!


Moi said...

and I just remembered, they leave your fingers all pink if you squish the spent ones......:)