Saturday, April 7, 2007

A new life

It took me a few days to get the shots done, but it was worth the wait. And I chose Easter time to publish them because to me it means the beginning of our true life.


Moi said...

:) very pretty and thoughtful composition...its heartening to see that u actually waited to bring this to us for Easter...have a very happy easter...:)

Sonia said...

Just beautiful, Cris! Amazing photo!

kenju said...

Lovely rose and great photos! Happy Easter!

guild_rez said...

Hi Cris,
what a wonderful rose, love the color.. Do you know the name?
Have a very Happy Easter sunday..
Found any easter eggs between your rose bushes:-))
cheers from Canada

Geraldo said...

Perfect choice!
I wish you and your family a very Happy Easter!

Mike said...

Neat set of photos. That would be a fun set to frame! Great job of catching this new life.

guild_rez said...

Hello Cris,
I have nominated you for a Thinking Blog Award,
cheers from Canada
Thank you for all your comments and visits.
Easter Bunny kept me busy :-))

Anna said...

These are great shots! I love the color...

Have a good week! :)

Verena said...

Hi Cris,
wonderful pictures of this rose!
I really love roses and I have about 20 in my garden too! But we have to wait until June to see them bloom! I can´t wait to see them again!
Nice greetings, Verena

Deana said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful true!

Cris said...

Love reading your comments, what a wonderful world we live in, with people who care so much about each other!

Akemi said...

Só uma palavra: magnífica!

Kerri said...

You've done a wonderful job with these photos and so meaningful to think of new life at Easter.
I can't wait to see if our roses made it through the winter.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter!