Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Antique Farming and Memories

The first three farming equipments, or part of them, belong to my in-laws farm. The red tractor I found at a service area restaurant and it is for sale! Does anyone have any memories of these items that would like to share? The first plow was very common during my childhood. The oxcart was already an antique when I was a kid and it is one of my favorites. And speaking of memories, if you have a chance, take a look at Mike's blog, he has some wonderful pictures and he talks about old times, when people used to have a front porch, gather there and greet one another!


guild_rez said...

Hello Cris,
I believe there is a bee crisis looming on the horizon.
As for the cause,I do not know which of the theories is the right one, pestizides, climate change or??
But I tend to agree with Albert Einstein on this one. Once the bees are gone we might find ourselves following in footsteps soon after.

What else can we do?
Use garden blogs to speak out against the use of pestizides.
Promote planting of flowers, trees and shrubs, bees and other insects need to survive.
cheers Gisela

guild_rez said...

I posted the "bee crisis" under your old farm equipment...
It fits together..bees & farms.
In rural areas of Ontario, you'll find many old farm tools, wheels, tractors, forgotten in an old barn or just left to rust on fields.
Relics from a time gone by..
cheers Gisela

Susie said...

Hi Chris,
Love the peek at the old farm equipment. Being a "city girl" I am not familiar with much of this (other than from pictures I've seen)

kenju said...

Those are wonderful pieces of history to have around, Cris!Thanks for the link to Mike's blog.

Memories Catcher said...

Excelentes fotos.Gosto das composições e das cores.Estes equipamentos antigos dão fotos excelentes.

Kerri said...

My husband loves old farm equipment, particularly tractors. I must show him these photos.
They certainly make us think of eras past and how much more difficult it was to do the farm chores.
We have snow on the ground again this morning. It doesn't look like spring! But I did get outside to do some gardening yesterday. It felt great to breathe the fresh air!

Moi said...

Loved the thid pic the looks perfect there, rusting away in its natural surroundings......Ox carts are still used in India ......tho' I have been brought up in urban parts of India, i am always fascinated by the country life....and given half a chance i'd leave the city-life behind to move to a cottage like u show us in ur blog :)

Anna said...

What wonderful subjects....oh the stories they could tell....


Anonymous said...

Labor back then for the farmer was so intense. They worked so hard. Thank goodness they came up with better machinery to help them out but now you have to worry if you can afford it.

Fun photos. Thanks for sharing.

Take care,

Mike said...

I love this old farm equipment. What a story some of this could tell. Good crops, bad crops, floods and droughts, times of happiness and sadness. All of it shows hard work. You have to admire farmers.

Thanks for the link to my site. I appreciate it.

Cris said...

Hello folks! Earth Day is just around the corner! On April 22nd. Let's get together, it’s a special day to learn about our planet and how to take care of it!

Cláudia Benevenuto said...

These photos reminded me my granparents which were also farmers,(they have already passed away) and my childhood with my cousins and sisters, always playing in a very similar tractor. As Mike said it was a very hard farmer life with good crops, bad crops, and here in Brazil, there wasn't any help from government by that time for small producers.