Monday, March 19, 2007

Country Food of Yesteryear

It was love at first sight. The perfect kind of day you dream about in the country... Back to Sousas district we had lunch at this charming restaurant that satisfies any craving for comfort food and yearning for yesteryear with its unique rustic atmosphere. "Casa da Fazenda" is a country restaurant where you can enjoy an authentic home-cooked meal with menu items prepared from scratch using fresh produce. The farm is a perfect place to stop for a Sunday brunch or lunch and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Memories Catcher said...

Excelente fotos.Gosto da composição e das cores.A atmosfera é muito interessante.Gosto dos detalhes todos.

Sonia said...

A comida deve ser deliciosa! A decoração rústica é bem atraente.

O que são esses enfeites coloridos com fitas?

guild_rez said...

what an interesting place to eat..
I am coming along the next time:-))
May I ask what is in the wooden boxes with the blue decoration?
cheers Gisela

Cris said...

Catcher, obrigada, o lugar inspira...

Sonia, para você ter uma idéia todos repetiram o prato... são toalhas com fuxico, que cobrem as caixas onde armazenavam mantimentos antigamente. Bjs!

Gisela, very interesting, and the kids also had so much fun! The wooden boxes are old potato bins. They use it today to keep kitchen utensils.

Geraldo said...


A cada post suas qualidades de fotógrafa se revelam (sem trocadilho), tanto na técnica quanto na escolha dos temas, na capacidade de ver a beleza em coisas tão simples. A luz na primeira foto está fantástica, mas é difícil destacar qualquer delas, todas estão ótimas!

Luna said...

Hi Cris,
I enjoyed the photos. I love all old things. Wonderful to eat there ! We have here an Museum Farm. There is a kitchen like in the 50 th and a old school room with old toys. Good idea to take photos the next time !
Have a nice day :-)

kenju said...

I'd love to try that food!

Moi said...

it looks so charming that i want to come over right away , even if to have just a cup of tea...:)
loved the crockery at display, Cris!!! am sure u had a great time here. Nice find, eh!!! :)

Cris said...

Geraldo, só falta vocês conhecerem! Quando a Wal chegar podemos marcar um almoço.

Luna, I can't wait to see your museum photos!

Kenju, I am pretty sure you would love it!

Moi, come on over, it's only a nine -hour flight!

Britt-Arnhild said...

I am always charmed by anything old country style.

Deana said...

Excellent photographs, really. That place looks so charming!

Luna said...

Oh, sorry, I forget to translate the words on the bird house: It means "Cats are stupid" (the birds mean that)
:-) Luna ;-)

Anna said...

These images are wonderful! :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome sounding place to visit. I'm reading a book right now on colonial cooking and would love to drop by this location!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Anonymous said...

We call those the simpler times but everything those poor women did was a struggle. Loved seeing
your pictures. Take care,

Cris said...

Britt, these places really take me back to my husband's family old farm and we enjoy this country-style so much.

Deana, the view was amazing.

Stefanie, thanks for translating, haha, that was a funny sign you found.

Anna, we had so much fun there, great place for kids too, horseback riding, bike trails etc.

Ari, you come down and visit us, I'll be glad to show you around.

Connie, you are right, and we picture it so romantic. :-)