Monday, January 22, 2007

Does anyone like crabs?

I had never seen them live before... they run all around in the mud flats at low tide... to see them you must be still or they will vanish into their holes. Patience is what it takes to photograph crabs. And yes, we went to the beach! A beautiful place where bromellias grow naturally and exotic flowers are so abundant.

"Patience is the companion of wisdom."


Cinara said...

A *blue* crab?? This is a first for me, Cris! I see your weekend trip resulted in more stunning pictures... I MUST see them all! ;o)

Clueless said...

So I was right, it was a beach after all! But I thought Brazilian beaches had white sand and girls in bikinis, not mud and blue crabs... Or did you paint the poor creature? Cris, I hope you're not mad at me for my foolish comments. Each of your posts is better than the previous one, you're a great photographer!

kenju said...

I love crabs and heliconias! I never thought I'd see both of them in the same post.

Cris said...

Ci, can you believe it? I couldn't believe my eyes, aren't they beautiful? Stop by for a cup of coffee and I will show all 140 pictures from the weekend!

Clueless, I had fun with your comments! Come back and see what's next!

Kenju, aren't they beautiful, such biodiversity and there is so much I want to show you!

Val said...

What a coincidence: yesterday I went to the Melbourne aquarium to see their Creepy Creatures exhibit. There were blue crabs (and the more usual red ones) from Christmas Island, off the northern coast of Australia. I would not like to get in their way when they migrate across land. More info here

Cris said...

Thanks Val for taking me to a journey to Christmas Island and I was really touched by the crab situation there. Also I clicked Gallery and got to see the crabs migrating, wow, never heard of that before... thanks! I think the blue crabs here are called 'guaiamuns' and differently from red crabs they can be fed to grow, while crabs must be prepared the size they are caught.

Deana said...

Blue Crabs! Cool....we don't have those at our Atlantic Ocean least I've never seen one.

I am jealous, it all looks so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You even have prettier crabs than we do!!lol I love the flowers. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.

Take care,

Cris said...

Dear friends Deana and Connie, you can find out more about blue crabs at Ubatuba beach here:

These crabs actually live in the Ubatuba swamps, near a river that meets the sea. Will try to post more about their habitat.