Sunday, October 25, 2009

Red Roses

Roses are beautiful, a favorite flower for many occasions throughout time. When I look at roses I see perfection, beauty and fragrance. Like roses I hope that my heart flows a sweet smelling fragrance to those who approach me.

Pease visit Today's Flowers to see more flowers from around the world.


Life Ramblings said...

i love roses and those are lovely captures.

Grace Olsson said...

As rosas sao lindas. Mas, as vermelhas, sao as mais cativantes.
Have a nice day

guild-rez said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful roses.
Thank you for sharing,

Kerri said...

Roses are indeed glorious. My Mr. Lincoln rose has the most rich and delightful scent. I took my last bloom to church on a Sunday morning, set it on the piano, and reminded everyone to smell it after the service. By the time everyone had done that half the petals had fallen off! It was greatly enjoyed :)
I assure you that a warm and sweet fragrance does flow from your heart, dear Cris :)
I hope your and your lovely family are well. I also hope you're finding time during your busy days to stop and smell the roses :)

Clayton said...

Great photos! I am from the prairies of Canada and we are long past flowers although there is no snow on the ground.