Monday, July 14, 2008

A church vitral

This image is filled with memories of my childhood... the church we attended had beautiful vitrals that were even distracting to a child. Going back to my hometown now with my camera gives me the chance to focus on the beautiful surroundings and places that are so dear to me.

This is part of Project black that Anna Carson is hosting. There are many other blogs participating and you can join in the fun!


Robert said...

The colors here are wonderful and framed so nicely in black. I love the the lower portion is open to the outside. Nice capture here!

Geraldo said...

Were you distracted or attracted? Maybe for a child the picture on the window was teaching more than what was being spoken. In other words, by looking at the window you could see the light... ;-)

Great choices for Project Black, and great pictures!

Paula said...

Gorgeous stained glass! I may have even sit still in Church with that to look at as a small child.

Cris said...

Attracted I'd say to the windows, and distracted from the sermon, :-)

Connie Peterson said...

I love stained glass windows - I have a small one in my kitchen and love it. Beautiful pictures!

Jenty said...

Oh wow, what a pretty window!

Raven said...

You've taught me a new word. Vitral isn't a word I had known before. Beautiful photo. I love stained glass and if you are going to be distracted by something it might as well be beautiful. This is a lovely shot with the three layers - the black surrounding, the beautiful color of the glass and the light and color of the outside too. Nice.

Carletta said...

Very beautiful!
I didn't know the word Vitral and never knew the glass opened.
Nice post.

guild-rez said...

Wonderful picture Cris..
Childhood memories are precious,

Please visit
I am walking again.

Thanks for asking,
cheers Gisela