Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yellow orchids

My last shot for the Project Yellow at Anna's blog. The project has come to an end, but I am sure it was the beginning of many new friendships and great finds!

Yellow is the color of sunshine. It is warming, gets our attention (even more now) and it is very cheerful, just like the project. I had such a great time visiting so many blogs that I had never heard of.

I leave these yellow orchids in your window boxes and a big thanks to Anna for giving us something to think about (or not) while taking the pictures!


Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Que linda esta orquídia, Cris!

Hoje no Leaves of Grass postei também muitas flores.


Connie Peterson said...

I love orchids!!! Those are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

Pearl said...

Oh my those are just gorgeous!!! They are so delicate!


Moi said...

it sure was fun :)
great capture of the exotic flower.......orchids never fail to fascinate moi!!!!

Mike said...

I love orchids! I don't know if you remember Raymond Burr. He played Ironside and Perry Mason on US TV. He was a huge orchid grower. If only I had a lot of money (for a greenhouse) and time, I could get into growing and breeding orchids.

Kerri said...

Exquisite orchids, Cris, and such a gorgeous photo!