Monday, January 7, 2008

Leaving the roads

Innovative and eco-friendly. My new flip-flops are comfortable, water-repelling and slip-resistant on wet surfaces. What else? They are hand-crafted and made from recycled car tires and... they were so cheap! Besides, I think they are cute and I can't get them off my feet now that Summer is here.


Luna said...

Your flip flops are great. Interesting to read they are from car tires and cheap.
I also love to wear flip flops in summer. But now we have to wear warm knitted socks and warm filled winter shoes. It is winter for the next month.
Have a nice day!

Sonia said...

Muito bonita essa sua sandália e uma idéia sustentável, também!

Connie Peterson said...

Maybe I should wear them today! It's a nice, balmy 29º F today!!!

Susie said...

Very cute sandals, but I've got my nice warm wooly socks on today. It's quite chilly here.

Moi said...

they sure dont look like they are made from recycled car tires, Cris....!!!!!! they are really cute's wishing you a GREEN year ahead:)

Kerri said...

Nice flip flops and pretty feet too :)
It's a great way to recycle those old tires!

guild-rez said...

Can I order 2 pairs??
The shoes look very comfortable and my sore feet will love them..